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About My Business

The goal of my environmental planning consulting business is to enable community members to become more fully engaged and effective citizen planners. My purpose for this is no less than to create and transform built infrastructures, living environments, and human relationships in a manner that enables people to live meaningful, intentional, and fulfilling lives.

No doubt these are extremely challenging intentions given the growing uncertainty and complexity that increasingly face communities today. Moreover, uncertainty is arguably largely antithetical to planning and complexity is making this practice more and more untenable, at least in its current form. However, the growing level of looming threats, potential risks, and existing dangers, present both on the local and global scale, make finding innovative ways to deal with these situations all the more urgent. It further underscores the importance of swiftly taking advantage of whatever generative opportunities may exist to bring about helpful change. Involving community members in meaningful, rapid and transformative planning of their communities and, for that matter, the planet as a whole, seems like the only feasible course of action for actually navigating our way towards a more resilient and abundant future.


If you would like to contact me and find out how I might help with whatever planning challenge or opportunity you, your organization, or your group is sitting with, please email me at ecovoca[at]

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