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An environmental blog meant to evoke both thought and imagination.

“Just as the obstacles are everywhere, so too are the teachers. They appear as we need them; we bring them forward with our calls for help. And we, too, in whatever stage of the green path, can be wisdom sources for others, passing the green spark along.” – Stephanie Kaza, Mindfully Green

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An unshakable feeling

Do you ever have a feeling that you just can’t shake? Something that just won’t go away until you pay attention to it? Well, I had that feeling this past week. Was trying to fall asleep, and felt this surge of energy in my body that wouldn’t go away. It felt like a combination of energy PLUS feeling.

While in the past I might have tried to ignore it, being a bit older and wiser, I knew this was time to try and drop down into my subconscious. To listen to what my body was trying to tell me. To see what needed to be felt, intuited, sensed into, recognized, and heard you might say.

What was below the surface

What I sensed went back to those thoughts I wrote about last time. Namely, what is happening to the Earth, and a feeling like the situation is getting completely out of control (which I didn’t quite come out and say last time, and that was an idea that I was implying…)

I realized too, in the emotional fog that I was experiencing, that I had been getting dragged down into a grey drab feeling (also implied in what I wrote about last time), you could say, that the Earth had lost her beauty, and would NEVER get it back. A view that is easy to get, I find, while driving out of necessity along highways and roads.

As a grocked this feeling in the dark, I realized how this is particularly true given how in our area seemingly endless miles of new subdivisions are under construction. While driving by and observing the mounds of dirt being pushed around to prepare for these builds, I have found myself wondering just how in the h@#! we are going to operate all this new construction, with enough water, hydro, gas, modern conveniences like dishwashers etc. etc.

What I would think, as I passed all this construction, is that a major shift is needed in our thinking. How that might happen though, felt beyond my grasp...

Rekindling a vision

So much was I getting dragged down of late by all of this, I realized, that I was finding it hard to work towards a vision that I once had. The vision that I had many years ago, and held so strongly. Namely that the Earth COULD regenerate.

To elaborate, what I mean is that our once beautiful Mother Earth could become beautiful again. Lush, teaming with life, full of biodiversity and varied ecosystems, differing climates (as opposed to just more WARMING!) and once again cared for (albeit many lost) precious geological features.

To use a metaphor I every now and then think of and will share, the brown dead vines could become green again (just like the vines I had once seen on a hospital wall, a place where, I think you will agree, is important to believe in the possibility of rekindling life!) For the dead places to become life-FULL again! Because life, given a chance, will fight back into its once stronghold place on this planet

My wish to illustrate…

I WISH that I have taken scores of pictures to share of this vision that I hold, from journeys across this planet. I also WISH that I was an artist and could draw this vision for you. One that perhaps some of you out there might hold as well. Unfortunately, so far an intrepid explorer/keen photographer or talented visual artist I am not.

I do try though and take some time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world where I live. While I’m not an observer of nature on a Darwinian or Beautrix Potter scale, with a woods behind our home, I do love observe the changing of nature from my back window (Just this past week, we got nearly a foot of snow (!), a record setting amount in recent history for these parts, and an event that caused my daughter to exclaim that the world looked like a giant marshmallow!)

Where I am left from here

Reflecting here on my experience the other night is inspiring me to perhaps do more to try and capture the beauty of the natural world around me. Even without being able to provide these visuals though, I feel that, for me personally at least, the most important way to start kindling this vision starts in my inner mind’s eye. Because my dream for the Earth is a combination of both a visual image AND the intoxicatingly gorgeous feeling I get when I imagine what would happen if life majorly regenerated on this planet.

It is from that feeling that I can start forming internal goals, goals that can turn into ACTION that can make such visions become real. Which is why, as I'm discovering, writing this blog post is proving so helpful for me! To get me more clearly back in touch with that vision that sustains me. Perhaps in a way that, I wonder, if it helped you too!

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